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Due to health problems, bending and kneeling are no longer an option so someone has kindly bought me a veg trug, a raised bed on legs to minimise bending. I've looked for ideas for planting the most useful and easy to grow vegetables and now I have to work out in which order to plant things to maximise the chances of healthy crops as continuously as possible. I really fancy growing some strawberries in the corners, having a lovely image of the fruit tumbling down temptingly, lol. Anyway, I'm no gardener really so will be looking for shortcuts where possible, eg, it is doubtful I will be growing from absolute scratch. Shame on me but it's easy or likely to be nothing. I understand that strawberries can take a while to grow so was wondering if I can buy, at this stage of the year, established plants that will produce fruit this year, ready for me to pour double cream over. Am I being too optimistic?


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    No you are not being to optimistic, just a little early ;):D Around April you will find strawberry plants in B&Q, Homebase, Wilkinsons and just about anywhere which sells plants.

    Pop one in each corner and each plant will last for 3 years. They can stay out all year round, no bother at all. After three years they will exhaust themselves. However, they will grow what are known as 'runners' where by, a piece will grow side wards 'run away' if you like. This will make its own roots and once it has rooted you cut this piece away from the first and then you have another plant. :T which you then continue to plant and that is your new plant for the following year.

    You might have some losses over the time but that is just the way it goes. Nothing you have done wrong.
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    As above it's a little bit early right now to buy strawberry plants but in a couple of months they will be available in most home and garden stores and even supermarkets usually. I would recommend however a visit to a local independent garden centre if you have one, they tend to have much nicer plants to choose from and from nicer varieties. They will be a few pounds more but well worth it for the better fruit. All of the chains will sell big standard mass produced plants and while I've always managed to get two years of fruiting from them and their runners and the fruit is always nicer that shop bought pre picked fruit they are still not as nice as the ones I've had from independent places the last few years.
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    Thank you, Linda32 and Fosterdog, for your informative replies. I will wait a little while yet before I buy any but meanwhile will seek out an independent garden centre if I can.

    Years ago, I remember my husband belonging to a horticultural society and he used to go on a Sunday morning to buy all sorts of interesting plants. I think I might see if such a thing exists locally, where I am now.
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