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I've worked from home for ten years now, and could easily spend my lunch hour exercising every day, with no inconvenience or cost. So much better than a gym! But do I? Well, it took me eight years to get into the habit, and it was a pretty half-assed habit at best. It was not the lack of specialist equipment which hindered me.

A few months ago I injured my shoulder and the physiotherapist said I ought to take up swimming to help rebuild it. So I researched the cheapest options locally, factoring in the petrol and parking money. I'm on a three month membership at the council-run pool.

My motivation to exercise has now gone through the roof because I know I'm paying for something and I'd better get my money's worth! I'm like a Brit on holiday at the all-you-can-eat buffet: grabbing as much as possible.

I like having a spreadsheet to calculate how much my cost-per-swim decreases every time I go, compared to the £24pcm fee. Sad, isn't it?!


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    Not at all, sounds like money saving is a hobby! Not going to see you on the dfw board;)
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    Trying to do something like that during work time is hard. You do not always have that time like you plan to do it.
    If you work from home, have you considered getting something like an under desk cycle thing. I really want one but sadly don't think that i can get away with it in my office.
    “Time is intended to be spent, not saved” - Alfred Wainwright
  • This is such a good idea! I think a real danger with working from home is staying still for the majority of the day. At work I can remember to get up every hour to walk to the toilets furthest from my room on my floor, and make a cuppa or get a fresh water.
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