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in N. Ireland
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hi all,

i'm planing on queuing for oasis tickets tomorrow morning outside virgin, any ideas on the time i should get there at as i've never done this before, they're for gf's birthday pressie y'see and i'm trying my best to steer clear of credit cards so queuing it is.
any other tips about queuing for tickets in general gratefully acepted.


  • neilersmcneilersmc Forumite
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    wonderland promotions are doing a presale on their website - saves having to queue and they take debit cards
  • declanmccdeclanmcc Forumite
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    My tip would be to use the net and phone together. Keep re-dialling until you get through and keep surfing until you get tickets.

    If you have the money in hand to pay for the tickets, there's no harm really in paying by credit/debit card for the tickets and then, saying you used the credit card, paying it off again on Monday morning.

    Some people will most likely queue from tonight onwards.
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