Best Energy Drink For Morning Alertness?

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    Water. I tend to have a small cup of black coffee with coconut oil in before I train early. Not sure that really does anything but hey... :-)
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    I do ten to twenty minutes of gentle yoga while still in bed (at least on days OH is up before me) followed by opening the window, sticking my head out (whatever the weather) and getting ten good deep breaths of fresh air in my lungs. Then down stairs to a glass of water and a cup of coffee as a minimum, I have to force myself to eat something as I'm really not a breakfast person but know I'll feel better later if I at least have something even if it's just a banana or piece of toast.

    I used to be really bad at getting up and would hit snooze at least four times every morning and actually fall back asleep between each one. Since the day I started this morning routine almost a year ago I haven't hit snooze once. I wake up, follow my routine and get on with my day feeling great.

    If I can't do in bed yoga I just do stretches instead, just to wake my muscles and get rid of any aches and pains from the night, basically just try to give every muscle group a little wake up first thing.
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    abbiejohn wrote: »
    One juice of apple is best for in morning

    Refreshes the mouth after eating all that spam
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    Splash your face with cold water.

    Instant, free, and isn't going to wreck you in the long term.
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    In my fitter years , I used to take a berocca first thing as soon as I got out of bed . I used to get up at 5am everyday .
    We all have opinions, I know and I imagine most people would be very anti berocca . It worked for me :)
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