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Hello green fingered forum. I could really do with some advice on how to proceed with the redesign of our garden.

I came up with a few concepts of my own and we also paid a garden designer a small fee to come up with a basic concept design as well. We were not happy with the concept design at all. He agreed to try and take my design idea and refine it but what we got back looked like he'd not done anything.

I keep going back and forth between liking my design and feeling its too awkward and not quite right. We have a slightly awkward shape space to fill and possibly want to do too much.

Here's a satellite view of what we roughly have (a bit blurry I know). The poly tunnel and trampoline are no longer there and went with the previous owners.

As you can tell there's a large amount of space in front of the garage and the area currently being used as a garden. Its enough room to fit 3 cars and we don't need that much parking space so we'd like to try and bring the fence across and reclaim some of that space, leaving just enough room to park one car and get a car in the garage on one side.

The existing garden area is OK but it has a lot of plants and shrubs, the patio is in bad condition and its generally not very family friendly. There's no lawn just lots of shingle.

The key priorities for us are:

1. Space for a 3x3m garden office
2. A decent sized patio to accommodate our existing furniture (outdoor corner sofa and table) and BBQ.
3. Lots of space for children to play, preferably with a lawn and if possible a play area.

My wife would really like to have room for a small trampoline (8ft or so) and my daughter's existing single swing.

Here's the design we've got so far:

What I like about it:

* The arrangement and location of the office and raised beds for a small fruit/vegetable patch.
* It feels more like an evolution of the existing layout which I actually have grown to like
* Plenty of space on the patio
* Room for swing and trampoline

What I don't like about it:

* Play area is an awkward shape, difficult to get much play equipment there but perhaps we should be more creative?
* The patio area just feels awkward. This was the one area the designer was supposed to be trying to improve and he hasn't really.
* The design doesn't seem to meet the house well, perhaps a problem with the angled design?

Is it worth pursuing this layout or should I start from scratch?


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    If you don't like the lay out, you have to decide if you want to start again.

    Did you give him clear criteria for what would be 'an improvement'?

    Maybe, given other constraints, he did the best he could given what you specified?
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    which is north?

    Do you really need lawn?

    You could ditch the play area and move that to the lawn reshaped a bit.

    The patio/adult/BBQ/seating is then bigger and could include some outdoor kitchen type covered area

    is the garage door a single or a double.

    there are two option.
    if double you could use the space right up to the left side as garden
    if single you have more swing room to get into the garage so can extend the right side of the garden further.
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