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I'd like some type of hedge to give more privacy around the back of the house. I don't want it to take up a lot of room in the garden so I'd prefer something narrow, not very thick but quite tall, if such a thing exists.

Actually, it doesn't need to be a traditional type hedge at all. There is a wooden fence all around. Is there any sort of bushy climber that would do? Or bamboo? I've heard it grows tall.


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    It's not the easiest ask, having a thin hedge for privacy. Guess you need evergreen for winter privacy. A thin hedge that's clipped will pretty much require small leaves, else they'll get cut in half, and look ugly or die. Lonicera nitida is an option, as are the much slower-growing box or yew. You can clip rosemary quite thinly, and that's pretty and smells good. For evergreen conifer type hedges, the thujas (Thuja Occidentalis for example) make delicate elegant plants. Some junipers do, too.

    My preferred option would be some trellis, covered with climbing plants, so you could have a mix. Evergreen clematis, Trachelospermum jasminoides, some of the ornamental ivies, mixed in with a rose or two for structure.

    Depends rather on the location and space available.
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