What is your best Christmas present and why ?

Ok sorry it's a bit late but following on from worst Christmas present and why I thought it would be nice to hear about your favourites. Mine are the knitted teddy bear and cross stitch card my daughter made for me ,she's 15,and she doesn't show emotion due to her attachment disorder and very often only has time to make stuff for others. Hugs freely given by my 17 year old son. And lastly a CD given to me by a friend who we don't normally exchange presents with but knows I've been having a really tough time and said she got it as I needed a treat, we both like folk music.

Over to you.


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    A late xmas prezzie from mum. We have been saving to get our small garden sorted and hope to do so this year, mum paid for a beautiful table, four chairs, seat pads & umbrella, its a steel one so should last a while as well. Am so chuffed. DH walked around the house and just kept saying "bloo** H**l" lots! Very very grateful and happy us!!
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    I am mad keen on MotoGP and my favourite rider is Maverick Vinales so my partner really hit the spot with an official Maverick Tshirt.

    Not at all Old Style but I love it!!!!!!

    And it showed me just how well he knows me because he appreciated the fact however much I wanted one, I couldn't really afford it.

    I am wearing it now in fact...

    Happy New Year to all
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    I liked all my presents this year. For the most part, everyone listened to everyone else and we all got stuff we had asked for.
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    I was really pleased with my gifts this year - DS's bought me some Falconware and an enamel butter dish (old pottery one was chipped to bits), DD bought me some local Gin (Mermaid) and Hubby bought me a proper Icecream maker, with its own chiller, which was a real surprise, in no way OS and no good for the waistline but I love it and am having fun experimenting ;)
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    A cardigan my mum knitted, it's great - colourful, and the sleeves are long enough! She might moan about the fact that I have too many jumpers (even though I moved out many years ago) but she knows what I like. :T
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    mine were the gifts my ds & dd bought me. a perfume set and some make up. Very special as for years as a family we went through an awful lot. My kids for many years didn't give much thought to me on my birthdays or Christmas'. It meant a lot that they both tried to show me how much they care. Great that they are growing up and becoming adults and their lives are more settled
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    Not an oldstyle present but my DH got me a black leather handbag that i chose. It cost £59 which is far more than we usuually spend and i chose it very very carefully so it lasts me a long time

    I only ever have one hand bag and i had my last one for about six years lol so i thought i deserved another one. Ive never had a leather bag before and i cant help 'smelling' it every time i pick it up lol
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    I did not know what to ask for, my dad kept asking, eventually I plucked up courage to ask if he had found my mum's picture of a Christmas rose she had had drawn and framed by a local artist, but had become ill before she had found somewhere to hang it. Turns out dad had found it and had no idea what to do with it , he had thought about giving it to a jumble sale, but did not want it just got rid of if it was not to any ones taste.
    He was gobsmacked when I said I would like to put it up in my dining room - but only if he had no objection - IF he had known he would have given it to me earlier as he wants it appreciated .. this christmas i got the picture and a M&S giftcard.
    Best pressie i got this year ... don't tell hubby.
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  • Not this year, but my best ever present was a mix CD made for me by my son when he was about 13. He had put so much thought in putting together songs he knew I liked. He has made a couple more for me since (he's now 25) but I treasure that first one most of all <3
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    Cafekate wrote: »

    Hugs freely given by my 17 year old son.

    I would give anything for a hug from my 17 year old son - he just doesn't do that sort of thing. The best i get these days is a high five.

    Not sure what my best present was - my DD donated my present to Oxfam for a meal for a family in Yemen, i liked that. Best physical one was a "voucher" for a leather jacket from my OH. I have wanted one for years and have now decided that i am not too old.. i will get it in the next few weeks.
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