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Hiya I'm wanting to save up to take my family away on a nice all inclusive holiday, me the Mrs and 3 kids age 3, 9, 7. I have seen that park vouchers do love2shop holiday gift cards, where you choose either a £100, £450, or £900 holiday gift card and then pay the cost of it off weekly until Christmas 2017, then once it's payed off they give you your gift card to spend towards a holiday. But the catch is that you have to book your chosen holiday through love2shop, so they basically act as an agent, they apparently search the best deal for you. I was wondering if anybody has used this before and if so what deals have you got and how was your experience using love2shop holidays? Thanks.


  • Thomsons are doing pay up interest free holidays
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    Just put the money in a savings account, at least then you'll be able to shop around for the best price for a holiday you want, not relying on the only holidays they have to offer.
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    Why buy a gift card? Just book a package holiday, pay the deposit, and then pay the rest off monthly.

    Thomas Cook do low deposits and monthly interest free direct debit payments.
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    Firstly you can only book over the phone so you have to pay the phone call and booking a holiday isn't a 5 minute job. You can't see anything no pictures of the hotel, the area etc. They know you have the vouchers so you have to book with them so you haven't got much negotiating power for a discount. They don't sell their own holidays they sell other peoples, by rights you should always get the best price off an agent selling their own holidays ie Thomas cook holiday in a Thomas cook shop, Thomson holiday in a Thomson shop etc.
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    I've used their vouchers a couple of times, including as recently as last month. However, I didn't use them as a saving scheme and the above comments cover that pretty well. ie don't do it.

    As regards booking, they were good to work with (mine was a flight only booking) but were consistently around £100 more expensive than I could have got by shopping around. They know you've got the vouchers and you want to use them so they have you trapped.

    I wouldn't pay for vouchers to use in this way, but for me they were free and Park Travel were very professional.
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    Jet2 and Thomas Cook offer various payment options as well - much better than the gift card IMO.
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