eBay - best time to list.

eBay is something where I always turn to to list everything. Although it is a bit of a pain with all the 'I've not received folk'.

However! I've loads I need to list, but my problem is what do you find best. I've always listed for 10 days, starting on Thursday to end on a Sunday as I read this was best a while back.
Recently I read some people say they will never watch or even bid if the item is longer than 7 days, so Ive changed my listings to 7 days for now but wondering what days work best to end on and timings?
Thinking evenings as people are around but beginning to wonder?

Thanks for any tips.
N - £4531.62/£4655.15 (plus interest monthly)
T - £1700/£2617.80 (interest free)
V - £216.89/£216.89 (plus interest monthly)
PAYDBX2017 #077 - £5408.51/£5532.04


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