MSE News: EDF to cut gas prices but hike electricity bills – those with both will...

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EDF Energy is cutting gas prices from January, but will increase the cost of electricity from March...
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'EDF to cut gas prices but hike electricity bills – those with both will pay 1.2% more'
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  • footyguyfootyguy Forumite
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    'No-one should see this as good news'

    I like to look on the brighter side, where possible.
    For me, I believe there is some good news here.
    You see, I am mid-term in a 12 month contract for gas.

    I recognise I'm on a good tariff (so that tells you it is not EDF), but am aware that gas prices have risen recently and if my tariff was ending now, it would cost me about 20% more even on the best available tariff today. So if EDF are saying they are reducing gas prices because there has been a "fall in gas costs that energy suppliers have seen over recent months", then hopefully when it comes to my tariff ending, the pain will not be so severe as if it ended now.
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    Their Jan 18 gas is 25% higher than I am currently for their May 17.
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