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Motorbike, Moped and Scooter Insurance Discussion

edited 6 February 2013 at 12:52PM in Insurance & Life Assurance
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edited 6 February 2013 at 12:52PM in Insurance & Life Assurance
This thread is specifically to discuss the Motorbike Insurance article.

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  • heppy23heppy23 Forumite
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    Good article. Does anyone know where I can get insurance for scooters that are laid up (none are taxed or tested and some are imports that aren't registered)?

    The house insurance won't cover them as they are vehicles or parts of vehicles and most brokers I've spoken to only cover "on the road" vehicles.
  • Hi
    I think MCE do free laid up insurance with there home insurance.

    I've not used there home insurance but am happy with there bike insurance so might be worth a go.


  • I'm currently looking for quotes myself. New rider on a Sukida SK125-4.
    28 years old and they are throwing stupid numbers at me like £200 3rd party!
    All because i'm a house husband apparently? £500 excess on a bike worth £800 aint too funny either.
    Thanks to this article i'm down to £120 a year :D
    Save more money, buy more beer! :beer:
  • I would recommend using a cover like the oxford stormex as its very heavy duty. Although it wont make insurance cheaper I found it kept people away from my motorbike (2004 z750) when parked on the pavement, chained to the lampost.
    I have enough money to last me the rest of my life, unless I buy something
  • Many thanks for this article and also thanks to the article about the Teen Class, which has excellent advice for teenagers (and oldies) I have scoured the comparison sites with a vengeance and managed to get a reduction in my renewal premium of £57.00 from the original company Devitts! This is sweetness itself as my beloved 100cc twist and go was stolen and I subsequently lost my no claims bonus, but this saving is more than the ncb. I'm now totally converted to haggling for everything.
    action-smiley-033.gif A Big Thank you
  • thetopethetope Forumite
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    another point about citing a chain or lock on your insurance policy - if you don't put it on one day when you're at the shops or whatever and gets nicked and you can't prove it was on, then your insurance co might refuse to pay
  • Great article, some real good money saving tips there!

    I have been riding a scooter/bike since the age of 16 (I'm now 22) and have checked with loads of companies each time my renewal is due but I have always found Lexham Insurance to be the cheapest. I have always gone for third party only as fire and theft always worked out too expensive, especially when you take the excess in to account, it usually works out more than the bikes value.

    I would suggest buying a good lock (have you seen Almax?) and installing an alarm if possible. I have lost count of the amount of times my alarm has gone off and I have looked out of the window and seen kids running away, if I didn't have the alarm who knows what would have happened.

    Happy Riding ;)
  • Great article thanks.

    If you have a Harley it may also be worth getting an additional quote from their own insurance - my OH did and has found it the cheapest for him for the last couple of years, but we'll see how it works out later this year from the updated plan

  • Good work on the article...

    Has anyone else used Saved £20 on my renewal - They're like I think?!
  • lisyloolisyloo Forumite
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    I used motorquote direct and got £40 cashback via quidco.
    Don't know if the deal is still on.
    No connection, do your own research etc.
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