Folding boot mobility scooter & best time to buy advice please

Hi I'm disabled aged 32 and my condition has recently deteriorated further which means I cannot walk more than a few meters without being in agony. I need to get a mobility scooter does anyone have any recommendations and am I better waiting till after Christmas to buy one?

I need one that folds up into the boot and can take my weight under 18 stone.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


  • There are now numerous mobility shops on the high st, can you get into one of them?
    I suppose theres always a chance they might have a sale after xmas
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    There are many , many different makes and sizes out there and you said a Fold up type , the two scooter types are mostly Take Apart and to a limited extent Fold Ups , we have used a Pride Go Go for over 5 years and have never had any problems apart from the usual battery changes which you would expect , prices do vary a lot so please do your online research :)
    Most of the shops selling scooters have " Sale " stickers on goods so check prices carefully ! You could go to a Shop Mobility outlet in a shopping mall and try one , check the website for outlets .
    One point to consider is that most scooters are " Take Apart " which usually means you end up with 4 or 5 sections to go into the boot ! suitcase type folding are one unit but are expensive and a bit limited in mileage range !
    Ps: many of the shops selling these scooters are Chain types and often the individual shop owner will give you a better deal ! :)
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    Forumite sell for a low price. They are very good at answering questions and will literally give you any measurement you ask from them.

    Have you also tried the NHS? It is a slow process to get one on the NHS but you could always get one cheaply to use till you can get a decent one. If you get one on the NHS they will maintain it for you.

    There is also Mobility if you get mobility element of DLA/PIP and do not already get a car from them. You can get a decent one for giving up under £20 a week of your benefit. Again they are responsible for maintaining it and any problems. You'd also be able to trade it in every three years. It will probably work out more expensive than buying your own but at least you'd not have to worry about paying for repairs or replacing batteries.
  • I have a Luggie scooter which is great and extremely well made - but they cost an arm and a leg new! I bought mine second hand from ebay, but luckily I have a very mechanical OH who can service it and who checked it over very carefully before we bought. These are fully folding.

    In general mobility scooters often don't get much wear and tear, so second hand ones are a good option.

    If you want to try them out, then it's easy to organise a home demonstration. We did and found it very useful and the sales people not too pushy. Then we went and bought a second hand one anyway.

  • Unless you have a lot of money to throw around, buy one second hand (we used ebay). As with stair lifts, so many people wait so long to get one that many of the second hand ones have been hardly used and can be bought for a fraction of the price.
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    Look around online. I was stung - I bought in a shop for nearly a grand second hand, I found out later I could have got it new for quite a bit less.

    Mine's a Pride Go Go and takes apart into four pieces, the heaviest is 10kg and is the battery. The paddle controls are comfy and easy to use too. There were smaller ones in the shop but they were quite flimsy and not as comfortable.

    It's revolutionised my life. But I wish I hadn't fallen for the 'don't want to disappoint the salesman by leaving without buying' thing. OTOH, I'm glad I went into a shop and tried a few because otherwise I'd have gone for the cheapest model I could find online, which might not have been suitable.
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