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Cheapest Home Phones Article Discussion

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  • tony_w_2tony_w_2 Forumite
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    plusnet allow use of override provider access codes. I use them with an orchid dialler box to auto prefix numbers I dial with 18185.
  • Doc_NDoc_N Forumite
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    tony_w wrote: »
    plusnet allow use of override provider access codes. I use them with an orchid dialler box to auto prefix numbers I dial with 18185.

    I can confirm that, having just checked. Wasn't aware - thanks for posting.
  • Hi

    For many years now I keep popping back to this article to see what the best deals are for a landline but unfortunately it never covers best "all inclusive minutes" deals.

    I have a few family members with serious illness (both physical and mentally) and I can easily spend a good hour on the phone to them twice a day when times are difficult.

    On top of this my job is based at home too. I do have a mobile phone with a 1000 minutes and although this is plenty, I dislike using a mobile phone for long periods. (They get hot, are uncomfortable, and the battery runs out just when you don't want it to!)

    On top of this I pay for my terminally ill dad's phone bill and he calls me sometimes and it is such a horrible nasty thought when you catch yourself thinking "If I had phone him it would be free but because he's phoned me it is costing me loads". I hate myself for having those thoughts but as a hardend money saver I sometimes can't help it!

    I personally have flipped between Plusnet then talktalk and Plusnet again, taking advantage of good Quidco offers along the way.

    It would be great if Steve N could expand the article slightly to cover those of us who simply need those inclusive minutes for peace of mind.

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    Ian011Ian011 Forumite
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    If there is no need for broadband, or you get broadband from somewhere other than BT, BT offers their Home Phone Saver deal for £21 per month and the price is frozen for three years after signup.

    The price includes line rental and unlimited anytime calls to 01, 02 and 03 numbers. Calls to mobile numbers starting 071-075 and 077-079 are 6.5p per minute. The deal also includes Caller Display and Voicemail 1571. It also includes calls to 0845 and 0870 numbers.

    Using a dial-through provider with an inclusive 0845 or 0870 access number also allows calls to mobile numbers and to other 084 and 087 numbers to be made with no further charge.

    If you can avoid calling numbers starting 070, 09 and 118 there will be nothing further to pay each month.

    Other providers such as Plusnet, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media have more expensive deals but these deals have inclusive calls to mobile numbers. TalkTalk and some others no longer offer inclusive calls to 0845 or 0870 numbers.
  • buglawtonbuglawton Forumite
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    tony_w wrote: »
    plusnet allow use of override provider access codes. I use them with an orchid dialler box to auto prefix numbers I dial with 18185.
    If Plusnet would offer me a written undertaking that this policy was not going to change for the next 3 years I'd move a phone account (with UK anytime calls included) to them - broadband on that line already being Plusnet.
  • sprocket1sprocket1 Forumite
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    I've recently renewed my contract with the Post Office, and you should be able to get something better than that from them, if you negotiate. Other companies offering reasonably priced line rental are SSE (who had a special offer ending sometime in June) and Direct Save Telecom.
  • Victor_DeltaVictor_Delta Forumite
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    I've been a customer of New Call for a number of years and Primus before them.Currently for me they're branded as Fuel Broadband. I just have a phone line with them and, including free evening and weekend calls this costs me a little under £13/month.

    They have just informed me they're going out of business and transferring their customer base to the Post Office. Strangely:
    1. Their website says nothing whatever about them going out of business and indeed gives the impression that they are:
      one of the fastest growing residential broadband service providers in the UK
      It seems very strange to me that neither here nor on their home page is anything mentioned about going out of business.
    2. Post Office are making me a "special offer" for 12 months at £17/month after which it will shoot up to £19.4/month. That's a huge increase. Is there nothing anyone is aware of that offers a straight home phone (no broadband) service for less?
    Sorry to hear this - I'm one of their customers as well but haven't yet received any notification about what's happening. However, u switch has posted a news item about it (dated yesterday)
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    bendipabendipa Forumite
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    I had a chat with them over the phone and the figures they gave me for the matching package (including evening/weekend landline calls), were:
    £17.50/month (37% price hike) if I was prepared to commit to 12 month contract or
    £19.49/month (52% price hike) otherwise.
    I said this was a massive increase on my present price. Their answer was in effect tough luck, either take it or push off elsewhere. There was no appetite whatever for any haggling. What improvement on their high prices did you negotiate with them?

    I'm in the same situation with Fuel Broadband and tried to contact the Post Office to haggle over landline rate, but after a 25 minute wait I gave up. Having read this now it seems that I saved myself some stress.

    Decided to switch my landline to Plusnet and pay for a 24 month fixed price contract for the broadband. With landline, it works out just over £20 pcm, about £4 more than I have previously paid in total (excluding calls), only now I have unlimited broadband usage, whereas before I had 10 GB maximum usage pcm with Plusnet, above which I paid extra charges.
  • RaywillRaywill Forumite
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    If you buy 250 shares in Telecoms company Adept Telecom they will give you free residential line rental plus free evening and weekend calls. The only other cost is £9 for BT to switch you over at the exchange. Does 18185 work? Yes! But call charges are at wholesale rates, too.
    They also pay a very nice yearly dividend (tax free for most of you).
    MSE declined to list it because they assume it is business only. No, it is not. This deal is for residential lines only.
    Unfortunately the shares will cost you more that they cost me two years ago because the company is very successful and shares have more than doubled in that time. A healthy profit! Click Investors on their website.
    Don`t forget, shares can go down as well as up!
  • RaywillRaywill Forumite
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    There are several companies with Adept in the title, so it is very easy to look at the wrong website! Whenever I have tried to put the web page on this forum it has been rejected, but here goes: . The important bit is right in the middle of the page, just under the Latest Financial Results percentages.
    For more information you can contact the Finance Director in person. His link is in there.
    You can mention my name if you like, but I get no fee or commission!
    Ray Williamson.
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