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House selling - gas and electrical safety certificate requested

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House selling - gas and electrical safety certificate requested

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Hi all,

I'm trying to sell my late mum's 50-60-year-old house and wondering if you can help me, as I'm completely new to this process...?

I accepted an offer about 8 weeks ago for the property which was £3k (just under 3%) below the asking price.

However, despite that, the buyer has so far not instructed their solicitor to proceed due to some (questionable) confusion about not receiving packs from their solicitor etc.

Anyway, they have had a homebuyer's survey done, which has flagged a few issues with regard to the gas and electrics, and they are now asking that I get a gas and electrical safety certificate before they proceed further, which I've been quoted will cost £180 +VAT.

From doing a bit of research, I understand that I'm not required to provide this and I guess my question is what should I do about their request?

On the one hand, I'm quite keen to get the house sold quickly. However, I don't want the certificate to throw up a load of issues that the buyers then expect me to resolve - especially when we accepted below the asking price. They are first-time buyers and I think this is what they may be expecting.

(In addition, I worry that the agent is pushing me to get this done just to speed up the process,as they haven't told me I'm not legally required to get one.)

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!



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