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The "Save 12k in 2017" Thread!

edited 18 January 2017 at 10:18PM in Savings & Investments
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  • KahraKahra Forumite
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    TrustyOven wrote: »
    Quick question: do (your own, not employer's) contributions to pension also count?

    Personally, I would definitely count both my contributions and my employer's as soon as they were vested, since that's undoubtedly your money that you're saving for a different stage in your life. :)

    SF, can you put me in for £18k please? Thanks for running this great challenge!
  • Sign me up for £12k please.

  • ryathryath Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture 10 Posts
    £6k please :) First time signing up to this and looking forward to it.
  • geoffers4geoffers4 Forumite
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    Blimey - the new thread's only been open a-day-and-a-bit and over 30 peeps signed up already! Could you put me down for £25000 again this year please SF.
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  • DirdDird Forumite
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    !!!! I ain't even top 10 :/ £25k target pls
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  • darkidoedarkidoe Forumite
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    Dird wrote: »
    !!!! I ain't even top 10 :/ £25k target pls

    You can be top 10 savers for the year if there's even such an honor roll!

    Save 12K in 2020 # 38 £0/£20,000
  • BoredBored Forumite
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    Could I join please? This is the first year I've been debt free and can really focus on saving. :j

    I'll go for the full £12k although it's probably not attainable - I prefer to aim high. :A
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  • nat21luvnat21luv Forumite
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    I bombed out last year, I spent a large amount in the second quarter on a holiday/car repairs and worked for the rest of the year to get it back. I couldn't face updating as I felt like a bit of a failure but next year I'm coming back strong!

    Ideally I would love to save £17k but I'm going to go for £12k
    £12k in 2020 #=
    1% challenge #61 £142= 81% £10 a day = £460/£500

  • letiss7letiss7 Forumite
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    SF - thank you for another year of this thread.
    I know I dropped out of the 2016 thread for various reason but I hope to be back for 2017.
    Please add me with a target of £12000.
    No. 24 in the 'Save 12k for 2020' thread.
  • cathybirdcathybird Forumite
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    hi, can I join please? Setting a target of £12,000.
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