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started claiming end of April but stupidly thought it was all in one benefit and so didnt claim council tax.
On 3rd November I had a letter from my council saying the DWP have informed them I am on UC and I should get in touch to claim council tax benefit.

Why did UC get in touch with the council after 6months to tell them?

Should they have done this as soon as I claimed for UC,

and if they should, can my claim be backdated.

The letter states, I should contact the council by 3rd December to avoid any delay. Why that date, why not ASAP ?


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    Yes, unfortunately Council Tax Support is the only benefit excluded from UC.

    You can apply for backdating, although it'll only succeed if you were wrongly told by an official not to claim CTS separately from your local council.

    It's likely they'll only backdate it to when the DWP informed them or when you first made contact.
    Please be polite to OPs and remember this is a site for Claimants and Appellants to seek redress against their bank, ex-boss or retailer. If they wanted morality or the view of the IoD or Bank they'd ask them.
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