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Hi if someone could help me I'd really appreciate it.
I'm currently in receipt of income support due to health issues I was claiming PIP daily living component until September of this year.
I wasn't awarded any points and I'm waiting for a tribunal date.
It turns out I was entitled to SDP the whole time I was claiming PIP so for nearly 2 years, (I'd never even heard of this premium).
Citizens advice told me to ask for a form as it could be backdated I've submitted it anyway.
Would the DWP award it to me for the 2 years I was entitled to it even though I'm not entitled to it now? Or will they just think it's my own fault for not claiming it?
Many thanks


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    I'd say the initial decision will depend on who makes it and their understanding of the guidance.

    Did your Income Support come before your award of PIP?

    If it did then SDP could be awarded from the date your PIP claim was allowed as it is a subsequent award of a relevant benefit. The same department awards both benefits and they should have been notified by PIP.

    If PIP was claimed first and Income Support after then, if you satisfied all the conditions, it should be backdated to the start of your IS award under official error as they made the wrong entitlement decision.

    I haven't read the DWP decision-makers guide in a while so don't get unduly optimistic due to my interpretation above. I'm just saying grounds may be able to be found to award it back.
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    Is it not still the case that unless you claim a benefit then you don't get it?
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