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I am a long-time email subscriber and have introduced my three children to this excellent source of financial education and information. Some years ago, after one of Facebook's many incursions into the privacy of its users' information I removed my rare posts and photos and cancelled my account. At least two of my children have also ceased using Facebook for the same reasons and I am reluctant to think that we may be the only former users to have taken the same action. This week I clicked on a link (about To buy or not to buy) in the email and was directed to MSE's Facebook page (for the first time in my experience as links normally go to the main site). I do not wish to have anything to do with Facebook so why does MSE oblige me to look at this invasive organisation? It seems to me that this goes against the spirit of the site, its principles (or perhaps more accurately, those of its founder) and the numerous alerts to guard against private information becoming public.

Are there any kindred spirits out there who share my concerns and who might join together to endeavour to change what I consider to be this unfortunate aspect of MSE or as a matter of principle should I just stop using the site? (If I appear pompous I apologise but I was brought up to believe that principles are important and consequently I am very attached to mine.)


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    It does say that the link is to Facebook ...

    "... check out this thread on our Facebook page: #ToBuyOrNotToBuy. ..."
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    But I'd like to know why MSE is so happy to put or link to stuff on Facebook considering Zuckerberg is an alleged tax dodger (where do you think he got than 30 billion he gave to charity from? He allegedly didn't pay tax on it).

    Also, look at his reaction to the SpaceX Falcon rocket accident just because it was meant to launch a satellite for his company - he cared more about the impact on Facebook Inc than the affect on the people at SpaceX.
    Always ask yourself one question: What would Gibbs do?

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