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Hi all,

I am hoping that someone may be able to offer me some advice as a tenant. Apologies if this is stuff some of you have all heard before.

There's various things not ideal about my housing situation but I will try to stick to two that I am more concerned about!

1. I live in a flat in a block on a terraced row. The fire alarm system is thus understandably set up so that if one flat sets off an alarm he whole buildings alarms are set off. We have a recurring issue whereby the basement tenants alarms are set off repeatedly and regularly, and then all are. In additon this tenant has not been given access (she would need a key to or stairwell) to the point at which alarms can be turned off. This means when one goes off I, as it is me usually, has to go down check she is ok and then reset the alarms myself (I've also never been shown how!). I was talking to her tonight after an alarm and she explained that she is not burning things more they are over sensitive and she is repeatedly complaining herself to our buildings manager (I think she may own her flat). She was told to speak to fire service but isn't getting anywhere. She was very upset so I do believe this story. I offered to email the buildings manager too. I am worried that nothing is being done and whilst the alarms going off and the trip downstairs is a big inconvenience I am more worried everyone in the building is becoming complacent and if there is a real fire will not know if I am not in. Not everyone checks first!
Does anyone know of any legal documents or terms I could refer to if I need to? Or where this could be escalated to?
2. I have been living with a leak, the second we have had, for some time. I believe the landlord and buildings manager know the cause now but that it is costly to fix due to by law requiring scaffolding. The lady downstairs casually mentioned that no one will help her yet they are asking for money for the roof. I have deduced that landlord and buildings
manager do not have the money for repair and are asking all flat owners to contribute.
Again this is being dragged out a bit. Any advice?

Thanks to all in advance.


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