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    I know there's no nearly NSD, but oh so nearly. I queued for a basket of goods and then left them as I thought a) don't need to shop whilst tired and hungry and without a list b) don't want to spoil a NSD. Then realised I bought a coffee this morning!!!!!

    3 in a row purplemum. Well done.

    Don't be too hard on yourself DIA :) and thanks, shows I can do it if I try x
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    Morning :)

    yesterday was spendy as expected - but only just over £1 as my sis had some vouchers for food from the pub for lunch (yay) !

    I did spend some of my grocery money I put to one side - got some bargains :) They are selling Pataks curry sauces in B&m at 2 for £1.20 ,dont know if they are changing the packaging/sizing as they are £1 each in tesco at minute and the jar is only 50g more ...

    have a good day everyone !

    Mobo xx
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  • *sigh*

    Day 4 and i haven't managed a NSD yet :( I will have to get a move on and get it sorted!
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    Slowly more NSD today makes 2. Should get more over the weekend as I shall be busy working.
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    I know how you feel Fivebyfive - hoping for my first one today so keeping my fingers crossed for no spendy emergencies!
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    Today was ANOTHER NSD :D:D:D my third NSD of the month 3/10
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    2nd NSD for me today. Hard work this NSD-ing affair :)

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    Today was NSD 2for me

    Thankyou :)
    TOTAL DEBT £20,571.58 :eek:
    Then there's the mortgage :o
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    NSD #3 here today! :)
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    marmiterulesok !!!!!:j:j:j
    You're back!!
    I didn't know we've had an NSD thread for the last 2 months :eek:.I have missed it,and been looking around for something similar.
    Can I join?Really need to start behaving myself :D
    I have had no NSD's this month,but am now aiming for 10.I will,as always,exclude bread,milk and petrol.

    I wonderhow you snuck an NSD thread on MSE and I never noticed.Shocking,really,considering how much time I [STRIKE]waste[/STRIKE] lurk here.

    Off to see what else I have been missing out on........

    Lovely to see you again,marmiterules hugs.gif
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