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Do you tip in restaurants?

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  • adonis10adonis10 Forumite
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    Not usually. Don't understand the concept in an age where there is a minimum wage. And I particularly hate the societal pressure to tip, if anything this makes me less likely to tip. If the waiter/waitress isn't getting paid minimum wage then it is up to them to take it up with their employer.

    Where does it end? Tipping the cashier in Asda? Tipping the car wash attendant? Tipping the worker in Burger King?
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]
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    I don't tip as such, but I'll usually round up to the nearest fiver.
  • missilemissile Forumite
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    I do not tip where the service has been poor.
    "A nation's greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members." ~ Mahatma Gandhi
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  • Mr.GenerousMr.Generous Forumite
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    I will tip a couple of £ not a %. Like Bob above round up to the nearest £5 for decent service. I see them wait on 4 tables say while we eat, even if you estimate 2 hrs per cover £3 per table tip that's an extra £6 an hour, and they are very pessimistic estimates. Much more likely £10 per hour tips.
    As well as property developing I will do jobs for people as and when work presents / fits our schedule. If We do a superb job and a couple of extras we might get a £10 bunged over and above the bill. Very rarely. And you won't believe how often people say = oh could you just put that mirror up / fix that hinge / ...
    In the USA I still tip about the same, only 1 person ever commented, a NYC cab driver. I told him tough. It was too expensive anyway!!
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    stockton_2stockton_2 Forumite
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    In the USA I still tip about the same, only 1 person ever commented, a NYC cab driver. I told him tough. It was too expensive anyway!!

    It is a brave man who doesn't tip a NY cabbie.
  • Sometimes I tip when the service though I know it their job.
  • Having worked as a waiter and now doing quite well for myself I like to tip for all but poor service. I always check with the staff that they do recevie the tip and every time I try to think of how each tip I received made me feel.
  • Jennifer58Jennifer58 Forumite
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    I will always try to tip 10% but only if I feel the person deserves it. I mean if they've been friendly, helpful and I've enjoyed the service then sure, I don't see why not.
  • PoundPound Forumite
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    Stockton wrote: »
    It is a brave man who doesn't tip a NY cabbie.

    Tipping is the thing I detest about the US. As soon as I got to my hotel my cases barely touched the ground before someone picked them up and insisted on taking them to my room, and of course wanted a tip. I didn't want any help but I had little choice.

    Even when the service is terrible you're expected to tip. I like to reserve the right to tip when I get good service but it feels I don't have that choice.

    Then if you buy a drink the barman gives you your change but expects you to give it (or some of it) back. It seems bizarre to me that you have play yoyo with your money every time you buy something.

    And then of course there's the awkwardness when you 'owe' someone a couple of dollars but you've only got a ten.

  • Kim_kimKim_kim Forumite
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    Tipping doesn't really live up to its name.

    I'll tend to tip more at cheaper places, than expensive. If the expensive places can't pay their staff well, then the management need to take less of a cut.

    I got back from a cruise 2 weeks ago, where they expected a $12.95 a day, per person in the cabin (room). Yup, they wanted an automatic tip of £39 a day for a family of 4, just to be on holiday on the ship.

    Why don't they just put the "tip" onto the holiday price & pay the staff they wage they need to pay to attract & retain them.
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