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My Sisters Bank Won't Let her release My Inheritance To Me-Please Help. - Page 5

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My Sisters Bank Won't Let her release My Inheritance To Me-Please Help.

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    nom_de_plumenom_de_plume Forumite
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    annbarbs wrote: »
    The bank manager told me the same thing that they told my sister. That if the executors account is in both sisters names, the well sister cannot withdraw or send any money to me unless the other sister is there with her at the bank in person and she also signs with her signature.

    And because it is such a large amount of money the bank won't let my sister make any payments or cheques to me without the other sister being there also to sign.

    Assuming the sisters have a cheque book for the executors account I cannot see the need for either sister to attend the bank to sign anything. All they need to do is write out a cheque to you and both sign it.
  • duchyduchy Forumite
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    With a presence of MH issues in the family opening an account that needs both sisters to sign to withdraw funds does seem sensible.
    Some people posting don't seem to realize joint accounts can be set up either way, it's the customer's choice and whereas it would be silly to have it this way for a normal day to day joint account for an executors account especially if one of the executors has a history of MH issues it is more sensible.

    OP calm down. Talk to your care worker if you have one. It is very usual for delays for all kinds of reasons for inheritance money to be delayed . You don't need to be spending it on solicitors at this point, no one has done anything wrong. It's unfortunate you don't have a good relationship with your sisters but your clear lack of interest in their health/state of mind is probably doing you no favours in getting this resolved so you either need to wind your neck in and stop implying they are ripping you off or get someone to communicate with them on your behalf . Do you have a social worker or care worker who could maybe find you someone to ease the communication?
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  • amersallamersall Forumite
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    All posters deserve a medal for the response' to this thread :cool:

    I have read this thread (and her other one) and I am pulling my hair out here, there is no reasoning with the OP,she has no concern for her mentally ill sister it is all about "me" and what she wants.

    She may have mental health issues herself but "ranting" over and over about this may mean she has a breakdown herself if she is not careful.

  • paddy's_mumpaddy's_mum Forumite
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    How would you feel, Annbarbs, if Barclays Bank allowed someone to sweet-talk or threaten them into handing out a chunk of your money, against your express wishes as well as against their own rules and the law of the land?

    Again and again you talk of 'fight' for this and for that but seem unable to grasp that what you are actually doing is trying to launch a fight against nobody but yourself.

    Won't you accept what so many people have told you - NOBODY is doing anything wrong or underhand or dishonest and that courtesy instead of belligerence will be a happier route for all concerned.
  • BrightyBrighty Forumite
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    Get sister A to write and sign a cheque then take it to the hospital and get sister B to sign it, then post it to you. Can't be that hard can it?

  • securityguysecurityguy Forumite
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    Brighty wrote: »
    Get sister A to write and sign a cheque then take it to the hospital and get sister B to sign it, then post it to you. Can't be that hard can it?


    The signature isn't valid if the sister has been deemed to lack competence. The cheque wouldn't be valid and, if the bank is on notice that the sister has been deemed to lack competence (which I suspect they are, given the general level of drama in this extraordinary saga) they will bounce it. Cheques for £110k will be subject to manual handling in even the slackest bank, so the signature and mandate will be checked, along with any indications of problems. Given that the OP knows the situation and would hardly have clean hands in such a transaction (ie, could hardly claim to have not known that the sister had been sectioned, or that the cheque they had received was not valid), the consequences would be far more complex than other proposals.

    The OP needs to either (a) wait until her sister regains competence or (b) work with her other sister to obtain a court of protection order. It's almost certainly irrelevant that the money in the dual-signature executors' account is from a property sale for which there is probate, because the governing document for the account is the mandate that set it up. Given that the OP has variously posted at some length about (a) solicitors stealing the money and (b) her sisters stealing the money, the later claims that it would be better had either solicitors been involved or the sisters had opened a joint and several executors' account seems a little, er, post-hoc.
  • Yorkshireman99Yorkshireman99 Forumite
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    The problem is if the sister in hospital has mental capacity to do so.
  • fairy_lightsfairy_lights Forumite
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    Yes you will have to wait a bit longer to receive your inheritance, but is that really going to cause any problems? You've been getting by ok without the money until now, a few more months isn't going to change anything. You know your benefits will be affected as soon as you receive the money but in the meantime you are being supported financially, have your housing association home, and aren't going to end up on the streets. Talking about getting a new solicitor and taking the bank to court is just ridiculous and a massive overreaction.
    This must be an incredibly stressful time for both of your sisters and I think you need to take a step back and realise that you immediately getting your inheritance is not the most important thing right now.
  • paddy's_mumpaddy's_mum Forumite
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    The cheque wouldn't be valid....if the bank is on notice that the sister has been deemed to lack competence

    Oh, they know alright because the OP told them herself, albeit in her own local branch. See her post number 38.
  • patman99patman99 Forumite
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    Annbarbs, as everyone keeps telling you, you will get your money eventually.
    Now, how about taking a step back and think about sending your ill sister a get well card.
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