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Hey forumites

We've blagged a deal at the Boston Duvet & Pillow Company, that gets you an extra 25% off already discounted posh bedding. Check out the deal here -

We'd love to know if you have any feedback:

- Did you like it?
- Have you used it?
- Did you have any issues?

Thanks for your help!

MSE Sarah

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  • Mr_SingletonMr_Singleton Forumite
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    Gosh, I bought a Canadian goose down duvet from John lewis for £570 and that's only 9 Tog and here are The Boston Duvet & Pillow Company doing a 10.5 Tog one for £12. How do they do it?
  • DolliverDolliver Forumite
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    Not used them myself nor would I, all sounds a bit suss to me.
    1. the prices are way to low to be quality bedding. If its too good to be true then it probably is!
    2. why are they removing the labels? which begs the question are they genuine products!
    I am from another planet :eek: but its ok they know me there
  • I added two items to basket, added MSE code, got the message 'code invalid'
  • Interesting that you quote Boston don't sell seconds . . .
    Their outlet was set up in March 2016 and reading their own blog entry from that date, they clearly state that they do indeed sell seconds.

    However, I've taken a punt and ordered a super king duvet for less than £18, including delivery.

    Even if it's no good, the dogs will love it in their new bed, I'm sure. The bonus with the easy care ones . . . chuck them in the washer (the duvet, not the dogs!!)

    SPC (12) . . . Number 44
  • I attempted to buy the luxury mattress cover with my credit card. Every time I tried to enter my credit card number it tried to complete it. After a few attempts to enter he first few numbers I gave up.

    I have never had this kind of trouble before. Just hope this was a legit site as it has my details.
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    BonnyJockBonnyJock Forumite
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    I've been researching quilts a lot lately as we need to upgrade and decided that a goose or duck down is the way to go, costs more but apparently last longer.

    As far as I can see this site has nothing apart from the cheapest and lowest quality.

    I'll continue shopping
  • where on the order form is the place for the code?
  • what a shame
    Delivery from £2.99*
    *Please note we do not currently ship to Northern Ireland, The Channel Islands & The Highlands and Islands

  • i wanted a feather duvet & the only one they had was a single
  • It would appear from my payment (Paypal) receipt that "Boston" comes under the umbrella of "Fogarty filled products"

    Forgarty has been around in the bedding sector for many, many years . . . Based on that, I am more hopeful of a decent product.

    Just goes to show how stores hike their prices and the public are ripped off by greedy retailers.

    So . . . I'm flying the flag for "Fogarty" "Boston" and above all, a British Company.

    Just hope my order is up to scratch after that!.

    SPC (12) . . . Number 44
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