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Hey Everyone

I hope everyone's weekend has been good.

I want to purchase a bedroom TV for my mother, I'm planning to buy one from Tesco Direct but I'm not sure which one to go to buy.|%25A3100+to++%C2%A3120

Can you help me select the best one from this list please.

Apologises if this is the wrong section.

Kind Regards


P.S. Great performance by Liverpool, League title No. 19 coming home soon.
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  • What size?
    What tuners?
    What colour?
    HD/ HD Ready?
    Smart functions?
  • victor2victor2 Forumite
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    Add to the above:
    Do you want to wall mount it?
    If smart, does it need a WiFi or cable connection?

    If you just want a basic TV, which your price range suggests, I'd seriously consider wall mounting it to save space, but it needs to be within easy reach of power and antenna connections.
    Also, if you think mother could be in the habit of falling asleep with the TV on, look at those that have a power saving or auto switch off, either on a timer or after a certain period of time without any user "input".
    The smallest TV in that selection is a 19" widescreen - that is very small. Look at the actual dimensions of TVs you fancy and imagine viewing it from a bed before deciding. Better still, go and see some in a shop.
  • teddysmumteddysmum Forumite
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    A lot of those are economy brands which do not have the reputation of the likes of Sony, Panasonic, Samsung etc which give longer warranties.

    Be aware that 'big' brand models, made for supermarkets tend to be cheaper versions (Lower quality parts) than the ones on general sale. ie made down to a price. You can tell by checking if the model number is available in such places as Richer Sounds, John Lewis etc.
  • I ended up buying the Sharp 32 Inch LC-32CHF5111K HD Ready 720p LED TV with Freeview HD_Black for £149.

    Just needed a small TV with a Freeview tuner and one of the only ones eligible for the £20 off. Plus Sharp seems like quite a reputable brand.

    Thanks for your help
    Girlie Girl
  • JJ_EganJJ_Egan Forumite
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    I believe Sharp sold the TV brand to Hisense last year .
  • JJ_Egan wrote: »
    I believe Sharp sold the TV brand to Hisense last year .

    Is that a good or bad thing though?
    Girlie Girl
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