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Orange's latest offer ?

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Having just returned from a weeks holiday (and the net), I've just seen an advert on the TV in which Orange promise new customers that whichever tarif someone joins, ie 120 X network mins, Orange will GIVE free evening calls for a year. Have I understood this correctly ?.

If so, as I am on the example tarif, has anyone tried to negotiate for the same treatment/offer ?.

Also, my phone is a Samsung A800, I'm tempted to get a camera phone, can anyone advise me of the quality of the Samsung E700 ? Thanks.


  • Used to own E700. It was a very good phone.
    Small, excellent camera with zoom, would hold lots and lots of pictures, very easy to use and send texts, could password mms recd, and battery lasted best part of working week.

    But signal was not that great and can remember my mates sagem myx6 would always work when mine wouldnt (both on orange).

    But sold on ebay in end as no blue tooth and didnt want to fall foul of law.
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    I haven't seen the free evening calls for life offer.
    But I am in the market for a new tariff so I went to and clicked on the Orange symbol. Selected a Nokia 6610i (free obviously ;)) and their Anytime Xnetwork120 tariff. This comes with an extra 120mins Xnet evening calls (8pm-Midnight) and half the £25/month cost is rebated to your airtime account in £50 lumps every 3 months. There's also an extra £10 cashback for ordering online. Am I missing something or is this a cracking deal?
    The 6610i should fetch more than enough on ebay to pay for the factory reset needed for my p800 to accept the Orange sim ;) ;D
    ...and then the window licker said to me...
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