MSE News: Extra Energy bottom of complaints table once again amid ongoing Ofgem probe

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Embattled energy supplier Extra Energy has once again been ranked bottom of the Citizens Advice performance table...
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'Extra Energy bottom of complaints table once again amid ongoing Ofgem probe'
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  • Their latest approach to reduce complaints seems to be to bung you £50 and close your complaint.

    I'll let you know later what the ombudsman makes of this approach
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    “The energy market needs challengers like Extra Energy..." - Ben Jones, managing director of operations at Extra Energy

    Really? I think I'd prefer a whole in my head.
    My suggestion would be for BJ to change the name of his company again in attempt to start afresh. He's done it before as it was formally known as CALLISTO ENERGY SUPPLY LIMITED until 3 years ago.

    Edit: Actually it would appear Ben Jones is not even a registered director of the company. It appears the company has just one registered officer, who is an Israeli, resident in Israel :cool:

    The company appears to be fully owned by a company called LIBOCOM LIMITED (which is not a UK registered company)
    (Edit 2: it's apparently incorporarted in Cyprus)

    Anyone know how all this links to ExtraEnergie GmbH which I understand is the parent company? At least they appear to be funding this loss making company.
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