Should I sieve me jam?

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I, or to be completely truthful, my breadmaker, has just made the most delicious bathc of raspberry jam. It is a wonderful ruby red colour and if I were to see it in Tesco I'd be worried about artificial colours but I've made it mself and it's all natural. Mrs MATH thinks I should sieve it but I'm thinking that as we don't have dentures (yet) why bother. Those seeds must be good for your system. Should I sieve or not?
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  • mink35mink35 Forumite
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    No! Nice bit of texture in ya jam buttie :D
  • Ted_HutchinsonTed_Hutchinson
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    If you sieve it you lose quite a bit of jam. The pips don't notice in raspberry jam. I don't sieve mine.
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  • giggleboxgigglebox Forumite
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    Hi Math

    I know what you mean about the gorgeous ruby colour of the jam. I have made some in my breadmaker....... Mmmmmmmmmmm delicious. I would also say, leave it natural with the pips, i do........ i have given 3 jars away so far as those who have seen & tasted it have all said it's better than any shop bought.

    Enjoy! icon7.gif
  • TicklemouseTicklemouse Forumite
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    No . :D
  • bigmuffinsbigmuffins Forumite
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    :hello: Hiya all
    I like my jam with pips - without pips is just jelly!
    Anyway why bother going to all that trouble? & wasting yummy jam! :drool:
  • LoadsabobLoadsabob Forumite
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    MATH, you have inspired me to use my breadmaker for that purpose. I've never thought to do so, though mine can, apparently! And it should save splashes of boiling sugar up my arms, and endless stirring...I'm looking forward to it! Does it splash the inside of your breadmaker with boiling sugar and fruit, or is the whole process a lot more gentle than the hob-top way?...

    And I wouldn't seive, either...
  • elonaelona Forumite
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    I do not seive my jam either - but if you want it to set a little more you can give it 10 extra minutes in the breadmaker.
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