Dissapointed with garden produce this year...

Despite working hard and getting a polytunnel up - produce hasn't been great this year so far...

Few toms, cabbage desimatted by cabbage whites, tiny flying things eating my leaves on everything/most lettuce indoor and out. Indoor chilli plants covered in tiny things eating them alive...
Used neamatodes, gone on slug patrol/sprayed garlic water, used slug pubs, sticky yellow pads and fly paper but still they are doing damage... worst year I've ever had to date - hows everyone else doing in their garden? Any advice appriciated. :)


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    I know its not always possible but in the autumn - if you have or can borrow some - hens! They will clear the ground of as many larvae and bugs as they can find - I let mine lose in the tunnel and they go mad scratching and digging up slugs and their eggs - vine weevil grubs and any other creepy crawly they can find. I also try and get a couple of frogs out of the pond and leave them in the tunnel when the weather is cooler.
    I have had success with planting French marigold dotted around in the tunnel and loads om either side of the door inside and out - do it before putting the toms and cucs in - its doesn't work once the green/whitefly are already in there but does seem to deter them coming in hoards in the first place, I cant stand the smell of French marigolds but it seems a lot of bugs can't either.
    It hasn't been an amazing year for produce but a proper cold snap in the winter will help reduce the mollusc population - but we haven't had one for 3 years now so residual populations are high.
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    Been a mixed year for me - but I've only got two 8'x3' raised beds plus a few odds and sods of space to work with.

    Garlic came up good.

    Tomatoes doing brilliant (11 Sunrise cherry tomato plants - the missus got a bit carried away). Must be best part of 100 fruit per plant, despite plants being heavily battered by a hefty hailstorm - lots of smashed leaves, early fruit knocked off or marked. Grown in pots standing in an 8' trough in a sunny spot outside against a fence.

    Courgettes doing brilliant (4 plants for two people - missus again !). In a little patch of ground beside one of the raised beds. Heavily battered by the hailstorm, but it seems to have given them a kick up the pants. Put about 1/2 bag of well rotted horse manure in there. Been giving the surplus away to the neighbours ! Note to self for next year - the spot is only big enough for one plant - they're heading across the lawn at present !

    Pink Fir potatoes in spud bags a fair haul - will do three weeks or so out of the first two bags - then will see what the ones in the troughs manage.

    Chilli plant looking good at present - despite being last year's one that sat in the lean to greenhouse over winter. Been sitting in the herb bed in a pot all summer and looks like a young'un.

    Pepper plants in a pot look to be a bit of a bust this year.

    Half a dozen brussels been eaten for the second year running despite netting this year - probably won't bother again due to them taking up a lot of space.

    Leeks looking mixed, some good ones, some scrawny.

    Sowed early Nantes carrots - nothing came up.
    Sowed early spring onions - ditto.

    Late resowing of both showing some response, but springies still looking scrawny.

    Peach tree fanned on the house wall produced three peaches this year - but that was a response to being hammered by leaf curl last year. Good leaves this year after being under a protective cover all winter so hoping for good things next year.

    Young apple tree being espaniered (sp?) against fence, early days, some fruit, but heavily marked after the aforementioned hailstorm.

    Grape vine (growing outside long same fence as tomatoes) going like a train. Been chopping bits off and limiting fruit as per Monty on Gardeners World, but still looking at 50+bunches on a four year old vine. Pity they're not seedless, though last years couple of bunches were really sweet.

    Edit - forgot the runner beans. Really bad year, tried doing them in big plasic pots. Been very hard to keep up with the watering. Back in the veg beds for them next year. And maybe some sweetcorn - that's worked ok in the past and tastes so good fresh.
  • Potatoes do really well here...courgettes and toms good and the red onions where a surprise as not had any good results before. Runner beans are a real challenge with the hotter climate and at the moment the little red flowers are not producing many green starters while last year at this time the beans where great...Brussels coming along nicely now and with the Hens free range keeps so many bugs snails slugs at bay! BW Dianne
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    Anyone who hears regular reports from gardeners around the UK knows that although it's only a small island, conditions over a year differ tremendously.

    Therefore, one person's experience is as valid as anyone else's, but no one's is typical, especially when the variables of altitude, aspect and soil are thrown into the mix.

    My crops have been poorer inside the polytunnel this year, but it's nothing to do with the weather; it's simply that I haven't given them the attention and feeding they might have had.

    Pests have done more damage too. Again, it's lack of care and vigilance.

    What reason do you have for not using slug pellets inside a polytunnel? The 'organic' ones should last longer, although I just use the ordinary variety.
  • I used to keep hens but dont have the space since I moved and yes I agree, they do help clear bugs. Have cleared away bug infested areas/plants but cant use slug pellets in my polytunnel as from time to time my pets do get in there. I have purchased some more nematoads, some for slugs, some for ants and some that attack bugs in general. I will be spending my bank holiday watering them front and back gardens today. My beans have produced a lot in the last few weeks but spuds we harvested were very poor in amounts. Hoping winter veg will do better and my efforts now will help the garden do better next year. :)
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