Can I transfer an empty S&S ISA in order to make more contributions this year?

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Hi all

I'd appreciate some input from someone in the know about this.

I previously had a small S&S ISA with Virgin. The last monthly contribution I made was in April (after 6th) this year, and I cashed it in a few weeks later. I would now like to start an S&S ISA with a different platform - one that offers me a much wider choice of funds/ITs/shares.

I know I cannot just open another S&S ISA as I have already contributed to one this tax year, but would it be be possible/legal to transfer my Virgin S&S ISA (value £0) to a new platform and then make contributions to it this year?

If not, would a possible workaround be to invest a small amount back into the Virgin one first so that its not empty.



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