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  • HI Timmy

    I am hoping to avoid using them ([EMAIL="c@arpet"][email protected][/EMAIL] right) as we had a bad service in our last house with them, we didn't end up with it free but we got a very hefty reduction on it. Again we recarpeted to sell it so I wasn't that bothered, however here in our forever home I want to make sure it is glitch free this time round we have had several recommendations for other people so I am waiting on my final quote, and then I can make a decision.
  • Car passed MOT and another nsd also managed to sweep my bank account to make another £36 off mortgage 1 grand total of £161 (plus the money for solicitors when that comes through so £561.

    Plasterer coming tomorrow main bedroom and hallway and then the other 2 bedrooms he's a friend so we are getting a good rate but we've had to wait for him to be free and fits us in between jobs but I suppose patience is what you pay for a good tradesman at a good price.

    Finally my friend is getting rid of the bed I wanted for the 3rd bedroom ive emailed her hopefully we can collect that this weekend
  • Just an idea - we painted one of our bedroom floors white and then out a rug on top and it looks great. It was too old and manky to just have the wooden boards, but the lick of paint covers it and makes the room light and bright. And the rug muffles the worst of the noise. Cheap and cheerful x
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    Still thrifty though, after all these years:D
  • HI Secret Savin
    Thanks for dropping by, I love painted floorboards and I may do this in our bedroom but with 2 VERY noisy boys it really isn't practical for their room but our room is the biggest which seems to be pushing up the price so I may mention it to my DH and see if he is happy with it...
    Hoping for another NSD today but I know I will have to spend Saturday I have enough petrol until then so fingers crossed I get to 5 NSD!!!
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    Hi Vic,

    5 NSDs ...your on a roll...all the best with your floors.

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    vicsmiles wrote: »
    Car passed MOT

    I'm so glad to hear this. :)

    Hope the plastering goes well. Well plastered walls make such a difference, don't they!? All the rooms in our old house needed replastering, but it just seemed like too much hassle - which was one of the reasons we moved.
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  • SO been a bit quiet on the MFW front nothing really to update on the plastering is finally finished so we can start decorating. Had another quote for the flooring £600 more than the original so I have one more to get then make the decision.

    I have so far reached 3 NSD and hope today and tomorrow will make it 5! We had ordered a unit from Ikea for our dining room but it was reduced in price over the weekend so I promptly cancelled the order and now I have decided to wait and see what furniture I can upcycle for the area. Brought some more paint and upcycled a chair which I love the shape and comfort of but not the colours. I have got my upcycling bug back and now drawing up ideas for the boys room. I might even think about making the curtains for the boys rooms instead of buying I need to work out the fabric quantities first and find something I like and agree with my husband on....
    On MFW stuff I made another £180 this week which was what was left in my current account this month still waiting for my legal fee refund so that will help me reach next months target!
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    Always worth checking out the bay of E and local FB selling site for curtains - you can normally get some bargains on there.

    We have vinyl flooring upstairs and it's not as noisy as you'd think. Just pop a layer of hardboard down first and it really helps to reduce the noise and stops the vinyl from getting damaged on the boards.
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  • Thanks Pooky I hadn't really considered the vinyl as the floorboards at the moment are so noisy but I may think about it if the last quote is as high as the one we got this week.
    TBH I was pretty shocked at the last quote we got, it was from a mobile carpet person and I thought they would be cheaper than a independent shop and I am waiting to hear back from a chain I think it goes to show shopping around is so worth it with this sort of thing it just takes time!
    I am now considering not doing our bedroom straight away as we have this monster fitted wardrobes in there which are SO useful but I hate the sliding doors they are really dated and the mirrors are cracked on the edges, our carpenter has been away so we are waiting for him to come back and see what he suggests doing with them. If we went with swing doors the carpet would be missing where the sliding track was so we may have to do the boys rooms and wait on our bedroom until this is done. SO many things to think about, there is a whole house to do but I am so inpatient I want it all done but I know I have to make the correct decisions with this stuff as it is going to be forever!
  • So it has been just over a month since I posted last school holidays, house renovations and massive work project has meant that I have fallen behind with keeping up to date.

    However I have made some more over payments total to date since June is £1422.60 of the smaller mortgage which has been a mixture of additional income (cashback mainly) and then where my budget for house stuff has come in lower I have overpaid that.

    I have also sorted all the presents for Christmas, my elder child has a birthday at the end of Sept so I try and get all the kids presents done before his birthday so I can take advantage of multibuys and combine postage etc.

    The rest of Sept is going to be very frugal I have taken advantage of a lot of half price items to stock the freezer and cupboard so my food shopping should only be fresh stuff for the next month or so. I have also managed to bulk cook a few meals for those nights when I cant face cooking...

    We also have just got new contents insurance as I have been flat out at home I didn't have the time to look at whether it would be cheaper to cancel my buildings insurance and get combined but when my building insurance is up I will combine both together to minimise the hassle for next time.

    Car insurance and breakdown cover are next to come up, each year we buy our breakdown cover separate to our car insurance, I may look at cancelling the RAC all together and look at a cheaper supplier however it is imperative that it is good cover as my husbands car is old and I have a fear of breaking down with the kids with me. Has anyone brought with their clubcard points I have loads of those so I might see if it is cheaper to do ti that way.
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