MSE News: Deadline for reclaiming PPI proposed for June 2019

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The FCA still plans to put a time-bar on PPI complaints, with the cut-off expected to be in place by June 2019...
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'Deadline for reclaiming PPI proposed for June 2019 – if in doubt, reclaim now'
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    I think this is long enough away. The PPI bandwagon has been slowly grinding to a halt for some time now.

    Can't wait for this forum to fill up with posts stating "I was never aware of PPI mis-selling before now and I'm 1 day/10 days/1month/1year past the deadline. Can I still claim?":eek:;)
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    It seems reasonable to put a timebar on it now. It has been going on over 10 years. There can't be a soul who has not been cold called (hundreds of times). With the awareness campaign that will follow, it will nicely put this to bed.
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    So we're looking at nearly 3 years more of nuisance phone calls and spam text messages all trying desperately to get us to claim PPI refunds.
    If it sticks, force it.
    If it breaks, well it wasn't working right anyway.
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