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Precise Mortgages - how long from application to offer?

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  • phil22phil22 Forumite
    142 Posts
    Its such a long wait! We sent a extra bank statement yesterday( anyone know why just one bank statement) i think it was just 10 days of a month actually? And how long before precise look?
  • Hi Hilda... My husband had 3 defaults, 2 was nearly 6 years ago and the last one was 2 years ago. :)
    I thought ours would take ages but we sent extras off on Monday and heard we had been accepted today. The offer has been sent out. So excited! Hope yours are on the way too x
  • Thanks Jade

    So were you about two weeks from application to offer?
  • phil22phil22 Forumite
    142 Posts
    Could someone see what date there checking todau please? We sent off a extra statement on thursday so just womdering when that may get looked at? Also do they do the valuation then your offer as we still havnt had someome go to value yet. Do they often send somone out quickly?
  • Linzi987Linzi987 Forumite
    17 Posts
    Our valuation is booked in for Friday! Fingers crossed, 6 th week this week so I'm hoping we will find out soon after if we are accepted! I hope they don't do valuations then decline for credit reasons or something!! It's a new build so hoping the house is fine! Seems so close yet soooooo far!!
  • phil22phil22 Forumite
    142 Posts
    We have been told Our surveyor is coming tommorow! Very quick, do precise normally accept if thats the case? We were told they must be happy or they wouldnt send them out and how soon after have people heard ?
  • How's things going? X
  • phil22phil22 Forumite
    142 Posts
    For us they asked for more info on thursday :( they asked for proof of bonuses for 2 years even though both of us have only worked there for 1.5 years, so we sent a statement from last year each, also asked for proof of address for 2014/2015 and my p60, made me more nervous, the surveyor has been out so awaiting that, do precise genrally send a surveyor when they know you will be accepted? How about you?
  • Linzi987Linzi987 Forumite
    17 Posts
    Our valuation took place on Friday but Thursday they asked for more proof of address from
    2014, really nervous we could of paid for valuation and then they could turn us down still!!!
  • Aww I think you will be both fine, just seems it's take a little longer. Well we hopefully get our keys on 26th August providing the house is completed and our solicitors done what she needs to do. Our turn around with precise was really simple, I've had our offer a week an a half after we put the full application in.
    I'll be checking on here daily so hopefully I'll see you had your offer through x
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