Bind Weed

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Well firstly thank God it's not that Japanese Knotweed.

But anyway, Bind Weed. It's grown pretty damned fast, in 3 weeks it's pretty much wrapped itself around loads of other bushes, plants and trees (even double backing on itself in some cases).

Pretty white flower aside this is pretty nasty stuff isn't it? I read it strangles, chokes and eventually kills anything it gets around.

So. Any ideas how I can get rid of it? Or more importantly has anyone managed to get rid of it in the past? I'm certain others have come into contact with it. Obviously it's well wrapped around everything else so spraying it with anything will probably destroy everything.

Aww look. Isn't it pretty? (until everything else dies)



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    Regular picking by hand is the best treatment. It'll weaken to the point it just doesn't appear any more. Get it down at the stem... You won't be able to pull up the roots but it will eventually give up.
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    Push in canes, let the bindweed twirl up these. Spray glyphasate into plastic bag and place over canes, scrunch up ensuring leaves are wetted with the glyphasate. Repeat as needed.
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    Just on this point. I applied glyphosate to these about a week ago, but as the old ones are dying the new ones are already on there, either glyphosate is slow or I did not use the correct amount, I used 100ml to 5 litres of water. Is this about right?
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    glyphosate is slow acting, it goes down to the roots and is not drop dead overnight stuff

    As IHS says "Repeat as needed".
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    As the others say, glyphosate can take two weeks to show results. It's particularly slow-acting when plants are growing fastest, and faster in the autumn, when plants are translocating food back to the roots for winter. However, it will work, at pretty much any time of year.

    My tip for bindweed (and brambles) mixed with other plants is to dunk the plant in potfuls of glyphosate. Many of those rootsystems are connected, so get some of the stems, and others will die also. Half-fill pots with diluted glyphosate solution and, wearing rubber gloves, poke as much foliage from as many stems as possible into the jar, lightly bruising the leaves by pinching as you go (it will aid uptake). Leave them in the jar for twenty minutes, an hour, ten minutes, pretty much random time will do, and then pull those out, and reuse the jar on the next patch. You may well get away with missing out foot-wide chunks, and only need a few tendrils in the jar to kill an awful lot more than is dunked - IF you are lucky! They get a he11 of a longer dosing this way than with spraying, and the longer exposure maximises slow but effective uptake.

    The strength to use is what is stated on the bottle. Different manufacturers supply different dilutions, so you do have to read the bottle. Don't be tempted to use it stronger for better effect - you'll get worse effect. If it's stronger, it will start to kill tissue before it's translocated to the root, and in killing that tissue, it won't carry it further into the plant. Indeed, with the dunk method, half-strength is often best.

    Obviously, spraying is better on a large area, if you can get away without spraying plants you want to keep. You won't get rid of weeds like bindweed in the first year, but you will begin to get it under control. Just keep doing it, and you will win!
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    I read in one of Beverley Nichols' wonderful gardening books that he'd heard if you turn the stems so they're winding in the opposite direction they perish out of sheer disgust. I've never had the patience to try this intriguing approach.
    They are an EYESORES!!!!
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    I have to suggest a Flanders & Swann song which has surprisingly sophisticated and contemporary lyrics...
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    Some of them are pretty difficult to get to as they are coming from thick bushes.

    Sometimes I just wish I could set fire to the whole lot. Burn everything!
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