Advice please: do I use a fungicide or a pesticide

The plants I recently put in last week are already showing signs of white powdery mildew and there is also white markings (like little lines) on the underside of leaves so unsure if this is connected.

I don't know what kind of spray to treat this with so that I don't lose the plants (which happened with a honeysuckle).

Also leaves of practically every plant are being eaten. Lots of plants have only holes in the middle of the leaves while some all over, I've looked at both the leaves and the soil and can't see anything crawling about.

So do I use one spray for both problems or would I need to use both.
I've read on this forum some people suggest baking soda or milk dilutions; would these be just as effective?


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    Could it be slugs and snails doing the munching? I've heard the secret of avoiding mildew is plenty of water, but also plenty of air circulation between plants.
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    Are the lines like little tunnels? Could be leaf miners.
  • Madjackslam: I've noticed lots of snails in the garden but thought it must be something 'flying' to eat holes in the middle of the leaves, why not the easier edge of the plant I wondered! Will try some extra watering to see if it has any effect on the mildew. Should I still spray the mildew with something?.

    Reen: They don't look like tunnels; more like someone has taken a white marker pen and just drawn little lines underneath the leaves???
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    Mildew & some plants go together like hand & glove

    Honeysuckle, marrows & Michaelmas daisies are some examples

    You could spray, but it unless you are really concerned I would just let it be, the plant will survive
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