This enough - can airline help?

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A question probably for the ladies of the group...

So its our 19th wedding anniversary this month and its my birthday on the same day.

So im always keen that my wife also feels special on the same day as well as me! To make things more complicated we fly to Florida (Disney holiday that we have saved ages for) on the same day this year - not planned as such just the way things have worked out planning this years family holiday.

The day before we go she is having her nails done and in secret I have already visited where she goes and have paid for an extra treatment for her and left a Disney anniversary card with the voucher in it for her.

On the plane I have pre ordered a bottle of champagne (but she knows about this) but I have also bought her a small pair of earrings (Disney) that I plan to give her on the plane.

Is this enough?

Can you think of anything else or a way I can get the earrings presented? Maybe the airline can help?


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    When ou board, have a chat with the hosties, maybe they can present the earrings in a fun way
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    When aboard the captain will do a shout out for you , your wife or both depending what you tell them you celebrating.
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  • Personally, I would just give her the earrings myself, unless you are sure she would like to be singled out by the Captain and announcements?

    What about flowers in your hotel room or a really special meal booking for when you are there? There are some great meals on offer in Disney and in surrounding hotels that are very different to anything at home. Have a look on the DIBB for ideas.
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