Unclear how to improve my rating

Ok so I had problems in the past due to divorce in 2011 and I ended up in a DMP which finished in 2014.

I have no debt but I still have 3 defaults until next year.

My rating has not improved since I paid the DMP.

Not sure if I can do anything or wait until the defaults come off next year. I don't want credit just a decent bank account with a reasonable savings rate!


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    Are you having problems even opening a bank account?

    If not, the best way to improve your credit file is -

    1. Get a sub prime credit card.
    2. Use it regularly and pay in full each month.
    3. Ignore your credit score.
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    Sorry for jumping on your thread old chap..... Unsure of how to post my own *embarrased face*

    Hi all... My partner has an old Lloyds bank account which she rarely uses ever. Last February when purchasing something via debit card she must have accidentally used the LLoyds bank card to pay for something which the bank allowed to go through despite there being a zero balance. The item was £3. This wasn't at a level which levied charges (thankfully) and the bank didn't notify her of the issue. Roll on 6 months and my partners mum placed some funds in that same account which cleared the account balance of £3 and it was only at this point we had realised the issue!. Roll on to this month ......Although the £3 overdrawn value has not caused charges, the bank did register this as a delinquent account and as such my partners credit report dropped over 370 points. The bank will not rectify the report (granted they have not made an error) and Experian refuse to put a note against the account with an explanation. This menial amount of £3 now makes it look like she is not credit worthy and it is affecting our ability to get a mortgage despite my credit score being 999 with Experian. Is there anything that we can do to solve this?
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    Thought people might find that Call Credit now offer a service to lenders whereby they tell them the likely hood of you being able to afford a loan. I am unable to post the link but it is known as TAC to lenders. If you google - Call Credit the affordability suite it should come up. Uncle Buck payday loan had my wages verified by this service apparently.
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    Thank you for replying.

    I have managed to get a capital one card and I use it to buy petrol.

    No I can't get a regular bank account. I have a basic account with Nationwide I use for my pay.

    However, I have some savings and would like to get a better rate.

    It's frustrating because I am a higher rate tax payer who can't seem to get a regular bank account!
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