Is Brexit Good Or Bad For Disabled?

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I'm not sure? Europe has some good disabled laws.. But we bet rid of the awful IDS and Osbourne..


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    I don't think brexit per se has much effect on the disabled, and I imagine that IDS will be back as head of the dwp in the new tory govt.
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    Yeah cause them European laws have been a god send with welfare reform.
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    It depends on a couple of things. Whether there's an election/how secure the Tories are, and whether or not there's a recession.

    I'm worried for the NHS. I also think harsher welfare reform is on it's way.

    Not because of Brexit per se, but because the side of the Tory party that's about to be in the ascendancy wants to roll back the welfare state. Brexit could provide conditions which give them an excuse.
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    A govt formed by Boris will make Cameron's cuts seem small fry. I have no doubt there is worse to come.

    I'm worried for the existence of the NHS full stop. These people have made no secret of their wish to sell it off.

    Plus if the Human Rights Act is repealed and the right to a fair trial is lost that would give them scope to disband the benefit appeals system.

    The main people that will suffer through Brexit are the vulnerable, be that through disability, race or low income. They've always been the easiest to attack, and now it's just got that little bit easier.
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    Expect the PIP cuts which were scrapped, to be reinstated.
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    With so many qualified high earning taxpayers abandoning the country, I am sure they'll have to make additional cuts to all benefits and pensions.
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