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Dad Recently Passed Away with No Will

edited 3 June 2016 at 11:41PM in Deaths, Funerals & Probate
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    chrisb1357 wrote: »

    I thought that as the death in service is paid to mums name only that it does not need to service dads debts. Is this not the case



    One of the things that does not seem to be addressed is that according to your previous posts some of the debts in the DMP are either joint or in mum' name. She remains liable for those debts.

    Stepchange cannot tell you what is his and what is hers under data protection rules but they can tell mum what she owes.

    It looks like dad has been dealing with the money side for both of them. Sadly with dad gone mum is going to have learn how to manage her money urgently. I suggest she rings Stepchange and asks what she owes. And asks for a review based on her new income and assets. She needs to check on deprivation of assets but she has got to start looking after her own money urgently, otherwise she will never learn to cope. You cannot be doing it for her.

    Someone has already posted the SOA link but Stepchange will probably ask for one any way.

    That would give you a bit of space to work out whether dad's estate is solvent or not.
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    just popped by to how your getting on x
    xx rip dad... we had our ups and downs but we’re always be family xx
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