MSE News: Martin's reaction to Brexit

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    Irish citizenship is reasonably easy to obtain especially if you already have family there.

    This artlicle & this one list other possibilities.

    (Strategic marriage no longer an option for me, but I may consider further education!)
  • Sorry if this is a stupid question but does this mean that RBS will no longer have to sell off England and Wales branches under the Williams and Glyn brand?

    The eu directive is what made RBS have to do so so do you think that customers will remain with RBS now ?
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    the thick populous


    Populous is an adjective.

    It is necessarily the case that anyone who disagrees with you is thick?
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    It's pretty obvious that there will be financial implications. We're already seeing the pound in free fall, markets hammered, threats to the UK's credit rating, and much more. That we're going to see inflation (well above pay rises), a drop in GDP, job losses, and curtailment of inward investment is pretty inevitable.

    However, what worries me more is that this is just the first lurch on a long slide towards racism, intolerance, and right wing extremism. That we have so many happy to see the country start moving in this direction means that this is also inevitable, I'm afraid.
    I am not a financial adviser and neither do I play one on television. I might occasionally give bad advice but at least it's free.

    Like all religions, the Faith of the Invisible Pink Unicorns is based upon both logic and faith. We have faith that they are pink; we logically know that they are invisible because we can't see them.
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    GingerBob wrote: »
    Most of 'em haven't got the intelligence to vote. Surely you must have heard some of the jackass-like chuntering during vox-pop interviews recently - politicians and public alike? I wonder if I can obtain Irish citizenship?

    You haven't exactly got a record of posting rationally in any subject, so we can all safely ignore your rangts as we always do, whatever we think about the eu vote.
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    bigadaj wrote: »
    You haven't exactly got a record of posting rationally in any subject, so we can all safely ignore your rangts as we always do, whatever we think about the eu vote.

    But you haven't ignored me. You've responded. :rotfl:
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    I hope the economy doesn't self implode and that the things that were good about EU legisation etc is enacted into law tout suite.

    Where those laws are ridiculous or red taped to death, it is at least a chance to step back and refine them.

    I hope any changes are slow, considered and for the better with some foresight applied for the 'what if' factor. We don't what another internet (yea), dark net (uh oh) situation with any of it.

    None of the leave lot have much economic or government experience. And PLEASE don't give FARAGE the foreign office brief!...Or health for that matter. :eek:
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    GingerBob wrote: »
    The little islander mentality of the thick populous

    You mean populace. No irony there at all ........
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    Wow thanks for your empathy.
    colsten wrote: »
    WOW. What a way to show appreciation for the tax and NI those people pay, and how they contribute to the wealth of our economy. It is very sad to see the lows our country has now sunk to.
    People who have friends, neighbours and colleagues from other countries do care what happens to them. Caring is something that humans do.

    I'm simply pointing out that the politicians (and don't forget they will most likely be pro-brexit Tories) who will be negotiating the terms of the exit over the next couple of years will have to focus primarily on the issues affecting the majority of the population. If you don't think that's what'll happen you're only fooling yourself. Of course there is room to care what happens to those who have made their homes here, but if you think that's a high priority for Boris and Gove you're being naive.

    And I voted Remain and have been a member of the Stronger In campaign from the beginning. But I refuse to wear rose-tinted spectacles.
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    IanManc wrote: »
    You mean populace. No irony there at all ........

    Yes, I mean populace. Thanks for the correction. I'll return the favour at the earliest opportunity.
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