MSE News: Flexible season ticket could save part-time Essex commuters over £100/yr

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Train company C2C has unveiled the country's first part-time season ticket for its Essex to London routes...
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'Flexible season ticket could save part-time Essex commuters over £100/yr'
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  • martindowmartindow Forumite
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    Is this any different to carnet tickets that have been mentioned several times on this forum?

    Info here - they seem to be available of several routes
  • On the link posted by yourself it states that carnets are always Peak Tickets (Anytime) and also that the tickets sold are singles or returns.

    The new product is effectively a variant of the existing carnet but also allows unlimited travel between the two points (over the day) and are apparently available as an off-peak product.
  • AltarfAltarf Forumite
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    Some companies do off-peak carnets -

    In this case it is to allow people to overcome the issue of travelling travelling one way off peak and the other way peak (Thameslink and Great Northern have an evening peak on some of their services).

    However anyone buying these tickets is playing Russian roulette.

    The tickets are the usual 'shiny' ticket material that are very difficult to write on with a ball point pen.

    So people try to write the date of use (as is required) but it doesn't come out very well, so they try again to make sure it can be read.

    Along comes the RPI - "you have amended the date on your ticket", "no I haven't", "yes you have", etc.

    Thameslink and Great Northern then threaten court action unless you agree to pay their substantial blackmail fee (not a Penalty Fare, but simply a sum of money for them to turn a blind eye).
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