Scottish widows - problem with awful website

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Anyone been able to add a member to their co. pension scheme this month? Been broken since at least 5th may. Their customer service said it would be fixed in 3 days and to send the payroll pension xls file to them. This was a week ago.

Rubbish site set in the 90's, some parts only work in internet explorer 6 or IE in compatibility mode although I've told them how to fix it, constant logout problems... Are all institutions stuck with old creaky tech unwilling to invest?


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    It is indeed dire as a member.
    Lots of bits broken, or will only work intermittently with some browsers.
    Lord only knows how bad it is as a scheme administrator.
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    It really is a very poor site. Our company scheme uses it.

    One of my colleagues complains so much and gets so many inconvenience payments from them we keep joking that it is better if they don't fix it as these returns are probably higher than his actual pension!
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    I can't even register. The site claims my Policy number is not recognised (yes, it is correct and it is in the range of account numbers which can be registered).
    Twenty minutes on hold and no response. I have had to resort to snail mail.
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