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I hope this is the correct place for this question, feel free to move if not!

Apologies in advance, its a bit of a long one...

So myself and 4 housemates rent a house in North London. Its an annual tenancy.
Our current tenancy is finishing in 9 days, end of April.

We got notice today from the agent that the landlord intends to increase the rent as part of the new tenancy. He does not know by how much only that the landlord intends to increase the rent.

What are our options here? How much notice must be given for a rent increase for an annual tenancy considering the tenancy is due to finish next week and we would like to stay on in the house. Also should we be given notice that they intend to renew the tenancy?

If we do not agree to the increase what can they do? If they ask us to vacate the property then what is the required procedure they must follow? I heard about a section 21 and two months notice, can anyone elaborate on this?

Lastly one of the house-mates decided to move out recently(leaving end of April), we advertised the room at the current cost however this is likely to increase now.
We offered the room to someone last night and they accepted. We now have to tell them about the increase. If they decide not to take the room because of this then what are our options as we don't feel we should cover the cost of the extra room between the rest of us (assuming we cant get anyone to take it over)

Any help greatly appreciated!



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