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MoneySaving Poll: Which US presidential candidate would you vote for if you could?

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  • happyinfloridahappyinflorida Forumite
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    5555tt wrote: »
    Clinton is trustworthy , reliable etc. trump is all about himself , narcissistic ego maniac ; am thinking though he's playing the bad canidiate as he's really pinnind on running again the next time around to pretend the has changed attitude to nice caring guy.

    Trustworthy???? LOL She used a charitable foundation to launder $millions in bribe money from foreign governments! Do find out the real truth about her please.
  • milasavesmoneymilasavesmoney Forumite
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    sportsarb wrote: »
    The Clinton e-mail 'scandal' is a non issue. Even republicans are starting to change tack on that. Sanders isn't electable in a GE. The republicans have a bunch of crazies along with John Kasich and Ben Carson who don't even figure in the race.

    Bookmakers are pretty confident it will be Hillsry and I am too.

    Kasich is the only normal person still in the election. He has been a forward thinking governor that has progressed his state. And yet Trump and Clinton won their primaries in NY. ???
    I seriously doubt bookmakers have a handle on what the American public will do. I'm scrambling to figure out how I will vote if it comes down to those two. I may just vote for Johnson.
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