Victoria Plumb?

in N. Ireland
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Anyone any experience of using this company for purchasing a bathroom suite? Some mixed reviews on line. would welcome anyone from NI who has had experience. Also any recommendations for local reasonably price bathroom suppliers?


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    Portadown Bathrooms - excellent company to deal with. We visited numerous showrooms prior to getting our ensuite re-done, and the owner of Portadown Bathrooms was the only one who 1) spoke to us and 2) filled us with any confidence that he knew what he was doing.
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    If you're looking somewhere around Belfast I can highly recommend VP Jebb of Peter's Hill, great quality and I couldn't beat their price. I took a sketch of my bathroom in and they handed me a drawing showing where the different items could fit best and I was a very happy man with their service
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  • I think Victoria plumb might cost an arm and leg to deliver to NI
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    A friend used V.Plumb to deliver to NI and it cost her an additional £50. Quality of the items was great.

    But note that the delivery driver left her bathtub on the kirb outside her third storey apartment.
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    Thanks for all the replies and suggestions. I'm going to do a final shop around this weekend and will make a decision then. It's reassuring that someone found the quality of Victoria Plumb to be good as online reviews are mixed.
  • Hi there,

    My recent experience of this company has been very poor unfortunately, and only afterwards did I find reviews that describe my experience exactly (as you say, many are good but note how many of these are written before an order arrives).

    I ordered a set of items from them and they failed to deliver several of them. On trying to make enquiries I was unable to get any kind of response from them - they just told me they'd get back. Eventually when I got out of work I called them (got straight through, which didn't really square with their claims about being overwhelmingly busy), only to be told as far as they were concerned there was no issue. They had no explanation as to what had gone wrong, and did not offer to find out. They just said there was nothing they could do. I can't even go to a shop to get replacement items as they are an online-only retailer.

    My reason for going with these guys was because I needed something urgently and they offered next day delivery (which they did not fulfil). In retrospect, I should have taken the hit early on, and gone with a supplier who, if anything goes wrong, you can at least go to the store.

    I would second the advice of the other posters who recommend using a local supplier - the risk with this company is just not worth it. If you do a search on this forum for 'victoria plumb' you will find a large number of accounts of experiences very similar to mine.

    I hope you choose a good company and enjoy your new bathroom (with all items you order included!)

    Best wishes,

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