How long should a sofa last?

I am looking at buying a 3 seater reclining sofa from one of these stores - DFS / Furniture Village / Sofaworks

How long can I expect it to last? A busy household with 2 kids. Likely to be used on the weekends and ocassionally in the evenings.

Anyone here bought faux leather sofas? I prefer faux leather over real leather for ethical reasons, but I am struggling to find decent stuff.
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    Why don't you get fabric sofa?

    Probably get one of those in ikea that you can change the cover...
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    Depends on the quality - frame (the underlying structure), cushion filling and covers. If you buy a solid build with removable covers, you should get years of wear from it.
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    It also depends on how you use it. Jump on it and it won't last long. Fall down on to it and will break earlier than expected. Gradually ease yourself on to it and it'll last longer. Laying on it when it's not designed for that will shorten it's life so if you want it to last forever just use it for sitting on and that's it. Keep the pets off it (although that's unlikely to happen)...

    Reclining sofa's also need maintenance. There are moving parts that need some lubrication to prevent them from seizing up so follow the manufacturers instructions.

    The temperature and humidity levels of the room also affect the life expectancy. Don't expect it to last forever in a cold damp room and don't place it in a hot sunny location such as a sun room/conservatory.

    Don't allow your skin to touch the sofa. The oils from your skin will make it wear much faster. So if you like to sit on your sofa without your top on or wearing shorts make sure you use a cover.

    Anywhere from 5 to 25 years.
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    Those 3 stores are not in the same quality bracket.

    Look to someone who will sell you the most comfortable sofa with customer service should anything happen. Personally I would be looking at John Lewis for a quality sofa, but as you haven't given a budget it's hard to give sound advice.
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    The better the quality the longer it will last! We recently brought a sofa from a well known chain, and it is not lasting anywhere near as our old sofa which we still use and brought nearly 10 years ago! Lesson learnt for us, better quality last longer.... probably cheaper in the long run too!
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    Our Frayling (sadly no longer in existence) leather suite is going strong at 26 years old.
    Although our cavaliers (as many as 4 at one time) have jumped on it ,there are no scratches in sight, the only problem being a button which slipped back into its hole (shortly after buying but the company had ceased to trade so we never got it sorted) and a few tiny nicks on the mahogany trim strips.

    The leather is still a good colour (aqua) and the cushions still firm.
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    My DFS sofa is 6 years old. It's falling apart and has been for years. It came with a ten year warranty and they've had to come out and repair different parts of it no less than 8 times. The first before it was twelve months old.

    Fabric has come away in several places. Springs breaking (four times, once on the side nobody even sits on). Bits at the front falling off. Bits snapping.

    Single person household btw. No children. Nobody jumping up and down etc. It's just absolutely atrocious quality.

    If I could afford to I would have replaced it years ago.

    My friend got one from DFS the same year, different model and hers had also fallen apart.
  • Sofa foam should be of good quality or else the cushion starts compressing soon and one can feel the Ply on sitting. DDecor offers a whole lot wide range of fabric for sofa, outdoor cushions designer curtains.
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