The NSD March Easter Egg Hunt Challenge!

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    I blew mine yesterday aswell. Had to go and buy dogfood last night as the poor dogs hadn't had any for a day - they got toast for breakfast yesterday! That wasn't too bad but while there I got the wee man some 'hoops' (cheerios) for breakfast, and some scones for me and OH! Oops!

    Trying for one today instead and that will make me an overachiever. :)
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    Signing off March with a total of 21/20NSDs! Woohoo!

    Jodles :D
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    Watch this space......
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  • NargleblastNargleblast Forumite
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    The staff of Ennessdee Towers have had a huge lottery win, and are sailing off on a round-the-world cruise, so who knows when we will see them again?

    However, the NSD challenge goes on.....

    If you hop over to the Debt free Wannabee Challenges board you will find a brand new thread for April.

    Go know you want to.......
    One life - your life - live it!
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    The time has come for you to step away from the thread. Don't feel bad about it, you have been an absolute star, stepping in when the previous thread leader had to leave. Since that time you have launched each month's challenge thread with a fresh new crazy theme, you have kept the scores and motivated us all with your Good Morning NSD Gang posts and pictures.

    It is not easy sometimes when Real-life stuff is piling up but you make the effort to make an inspirational post only to get no response (usually because other thread members have their own Real-life stuff going on). It must feel like wading through treacle sometimes.

    Anyway, your other life calls. Thank you so much for all your hard work and the laughs we have had along the way. I see you are now officially a laydee of lee-zure, which although being nice will have its own problems, finances usually being one of them. I hope you soon settle down to a new, more fulfilling life away from the MSE forums.
    So, NSD gang, we need a new thread leader. It has to be someone who can commit to logging in regularly, ideally once a day, to keep things moving and the motivation going. Due to the irregular nature of my shift patterns I cannot commit to that, but I am happy to be in a supportive role.

    Threads evolve or die, and evolution is often a good thing. I joined this thread in 2009/2010? In that time members have come and gone but the light-hearted and supportive nature of the thread has remained. The ethos will always be the same, to get people to cut down on unnecessary spending and to keep control of their finances. The way we do that can change over time, and whichever brave person takes on the mantle of thread leader will have a free rein to launch the next month's challenge thread with a new theme, a new look and their own different take on it.

    So, your mission is out there, should you choose to accept it.......who's up for being our new thread leader?

    Thanks.I'm gonna miss you Nargle.
  • marmiterulesokmarmiterulesok Forumite
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    Marmite - you need to have a life outside MSE so if that need attention, go give it your time instead of giving your time to us.

    I wish I could commit to taking it on, but unfortunately, my brain doesn't work as quickly when it comes to keeping everyone motivated and I go through fits and bursts of being on MSE.

    I hope someone can help take it over and keep us all going.

    My not so daily update is that I am now on 19/20 - just got to squeeze one more in and I will have hit my target! I'm not counting all the spends on Saturday as I will get every penny of that back next weekend!
    Gem-gem wrote: »
    Marmite, thanks for running this thread. Best wishes for the future.

    I'm afraid that I am not in a position to take up the role as thread leader.

    I've had two spendy days. Bought hubby a coat I the sale from £169 down to £63. I then used a £5 voucher and finally paid £58.

    Happy bank holiday everyone.

    Thank you ladies. :)
  • marmiterulesokmarmiterulesok Forumite
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    I might be back and feel up to the challenge again,if you'll have me.

    I just need a break.Hope you find someone to replace me.

    It's a great challenge and one that I've followed since about 2009 I think.I certainly has helped my spending habits immensely for the better.I would never have thought of this kind of set-up (non spendy days) without MSE.

    Good luck everyone!
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    Been rather busy and not been able to update till now but I finished the month with 16
    LBM.....sometime in 2013 £27,056. 10 creditors
    June 20.....£7,587.....3 creditors left 72% paid

    £26,200 on interest only part of mortgage (July 16)...will chip away £17,103
    £49,200 repayment mortgage ( July 16) £37,764
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