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Hello....does anyone know of a football manager game for PC/Android/Xbox One that is reasonably realistic but not as madly in depth as the PC Football Manager game? I used to like playing Football Manager 2 on the Amiga years ago as you could easily change the team names to whatever you wanted. That doesn't seem possible now on any game I've seen (admittedly not gaming much these days)


  • You can play Football Manager 2016 in a mode which cuts out a lot of the more in depth stuff, I believe it's called classic mode, which basically just lets you pick the team, pick the tactics & let the game play. Football Manager itself has had an editor with the game for years now too, so in theory you can change the team names, just not on the fly.
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    There is also Football Manager touch, which is a simplified version. Although as said, you can play one of the newer games in Classic mode, which is similar to the original football manager games.

    They come with an editor that you can change pretty much anything you like before starting a game.
    There is also an ingame editor available in 2015/2016 versions that you can edit things while playing
  • Worth having a look at Hattrick? I played it for over 10 years (stopped last year) and it is a fairly straightforward management game. Only need to log in a couple of times a week to set teams etc, but you can be as involved as you want to be. I used to run a forum for NI users, and was involved in scouting and training players for the national team as well.

    And it's free! It of course does have a micro payment system, but these are for in game enhancements, and not pay to play.

    Certainly nowhere as involved as FM.
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    you can download football manager 01/02 for free and then get the latest team updates off various forums for free as well
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    You could pick up a copy of Fifa 13/14/15/16 and use the manager mode - not sure which of the earlier ones would work with X-Bone, but despite all Fifa's flaws for on line play against real people, the manager mode isn't too bad - buy/sell players, play the games as a player if you want, or sim matches.
    Depends how not in depth you want it. I think the last player/manager mode was on 14 (15 you can be a manager or have your own player but not both). I stopped playing 15 online, but still dip into it for manager mode now and again. If you don't want to play the actual matches, the manager element is limited though.
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    Thank you for all your some ideas now :)
  • I'd have a second vote for the online management games. I'd recommend Trophy Manager over Hattrick though.
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    The obvious answer is Championship Manager.

    When SIGames was bought way back when, the company split into 2, Sega purchased the database and match engine and the other company Eidos kept the name and the interface.

    I can confirm its a damn site cheaper than FM but I would still choose FM all day long.

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