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I just bought some artichokes seeds and I have no idea what to do with it. Do I Have to plant it in pots first, then replant it garden? Or sow to the soil straight way? Are artichokes fussy about soil? Because my garden has rather poor soil. Any ideas, please?
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    There are two types of artichoke: ones that look a bit like thistles, where the immature flower is eaten, and ones that resemble knobbly potatoes, where the tuber is eaten.

    If you have seeds, the chances are it's the flowering type. These are hardy once they get to a good size, but as a Mediterranean vegetable, they germinate best with a bit of heat.

    Sow them individually in small 7 cm pots late March to the beginning of April.Then you can grow them on quickly, transferring into larger pots and then into the garden in May. You might not get a crop from them in the first year, but there again, you may. They'll do better next year>

    More info:
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