Hilton Hotels is suggesting that if you’re broke spend £129 a night on its hotels

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  • Whilst it may seem expensive for a night in a hotel I view this as comfort and often travel away due to my work and would not entertain the idea of a cheap hotel as I do not like them and on average pay between £150 - £200 per hotel for exec suites, It does come off my tax bill though so that makes me feel better about and when away on personal travels I again book a similar cost hotels.
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    I have stayed in a Hilton hotel costing £100 and a Premier Inn for £35.

    You do not always get what you pay for.
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    Where does it say 'broke' in the ad? To me it reads that if you usually stay at thr hilton and cant quite push to its usual prices (in london over xmas rooms were £500 a night at park lane for a bog standard, up to £3k for a suite) then youll still be able to stay at a hilton for a lot less. Seems a reasonable deal. Some Hiltons are better than others mind but you atleast have an idea of what standard to expect. Sensationalist rubbish trying to find a new fight for the sake of it.
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    jaydeeuk1 wrote: »
    Where does it say 'broke' in the ad?
    Here honey, I've highlighted it for you
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    The whole story is stupid though. How about posting this story:
    Martin Lewis is suggesting that if you want to save money, spend £1200 on a holiday

    This is an MSE fail. I've just received this newsletter from Martin Lewis, which is one of the most ill-judged I've seen in a while. Whoever wrote this needs to get in the real world, it shows a firm totally out of touch. Here's the introduction of it


    Now, I've got nothing against people paying £1200 for a hotel room. But portraying this as a way to "save money" is poor taste. I suspect some blue-sky marketing team came up with the word "moneysavingexpert" as a nice wheeze, but the products they chose to connect it to are mis-targeted and brand negative. Back to the drawing board.

    It's a ridiculous article. Yes, £129 is a fair chunk of money, but Dubai is an expensive destination and Hiltons generally aren't cheap. Being able to book a room that would normally go for £220+ for just £129 would normally be worthy of MSE's praise, not a snidey article like this.
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    There's a big difference between saying that comparing prices and selecting the cheapest travel agent could "save money", and that someone who is broke would have £129/night to stay in a hotel in Dubai.

    The first is good advice, and the money amounts are merely figurative. The latter is in bad taste as it shows Hilton have a contemptuous attitude to poverty.
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