Virgin Media -Extortionate price increases !

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Does anyone else think the price increases with Virgin Media over the last 4 years on their Broadband/Telelphone/TV package have been too high or extortionate ?

As ever the annual price increases are due in Feb.

I'm going through usual routine of trying to get a discount on my package.

Then I realised how much it has increased over the past 4 years, with shock & horror. :eek:

Nothing on my Broadband/Telephone/TV package has changed at all in that time or for many years.

Total increase over past 4 years Apr 2012-Feb 2016 will be £18.77/month ! :eek:
(inc 2016 increase)

Feb 2016 £4.49/month increase
Feb 2015 £4.84/month increase
Feb 2014 £2.50/month increase
Feb 2013 £3.24/month increase
Apr 2012 £3.70/month increase

From Feb 2016 I will be paying £47.26/month.

Up to Apr 2012 I was paying £28.49/month.

That is a £18.77/month increase in less than 4 years ! :eek:

I am bloody shocked & annoyed !


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    I agree that prices have rocketed. However there are plenty of other providers available and it's hardly a monopoly of essential services.

    You are seeking a discount anyhow, so seems like suitable ammunition to fire at them while threatening to cancel.
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